Chef Ricci at Picaro

Chef Ricci, who some say has a Pícaro-personality, takes advantage of what grows on the land and prepares dishes using methods discovered from rich traditions, or that he creates through his own research, or whim, to maintain the highest quality of the end product.

chef ricci apron at picaro

Born in Rome, Italy from a family linked to the seafood and gastronomy trades, Ricci received a degree from the Hotel Institute in Rome and has dedicated his life to researching different Roman gastronomic techniques, including Michelin-starred establishments such as in the Pagliaccio of Rome with Chef Anthony Genovese, and avant-garde projects such as the Reef Restaurant with Chef Stefano Leone. He directed the kitchen team of the Dolce Vita International Jazz Festival and the readjustment of a Roman market to the techniques of the 16th century.

With the desire to cover new projects and after much travel in Europe and the United States, Ricci decided to start his adventure in Mexico, first working in the artistic gastronomic emergence of Italian cuisine in Puerta Vallarta. In 2009 he moved to the Baja of Mexico, working in La Paz and ultimately moving to Cabo San Lucas.

Chef Ricci has been associated with the Solmar Group and Romeo & Julieta since 2010 and happily finds himself in the role for which he has been preparing for all his adult life. As the chef of Pícaro, he can play the rogue for which he is so well suited by alternating between originality and tradition.